The Rules of L'Adelaide B&B


Art. 1.
Request for availability and booking. Reservation requests must be sent by e-mail at or telephone numbers 0833-520856 / 320-4484183. The reservation is considered valid only when, in the case of availability for the periods in question and having received the terms and in the manner specified down payment, will be given to the applicant expressed formal confirmation by sending our e-mail containing the appropriate references the reservation to be shown on arrival at the property.

Art. 2.
Method of booking and payment. For all bookings are required to pay a sum in advance of 30% of the total amount to be paid. Upon receipt of the reservation request, we will send you the most 'soon as possible, and in any case within the next 24 h, an e-mail containing precise information about the timing and procedures for the proper dispatch of the advance. Therefore we ask you to refrain from sending any amount of money before receiving the Ns above email. Advance payment must 'be made exclusively by bank transfer. Once the sending of the amount in advance, we invite you to send us by fax (0833-520856) copy of the payment receipt (transfer order) in order to streamline and improve the booking procedure. The reservation is considered valid for all purposes from the day that we receive. The deposit of the advance is not refundable in any way.

Art. 3.
False statements. The mendacious or partial indication of their personal data, which are essential for booking, and also the non-payment of the advance in the time and manner specified elsewhere, involves the irreversible loss of the right of priority acquired. So failure to fruition even partial of what was sent by way of advance notes that non-payment.

Art. 4.
Payment of the balance. The final payment is due upon arrival in cash or by check. It will not be 'allowed access to rooms booked in the absence of that. Non-payment of the balance will be immediately operational to bring action for the collection of due and incidental charges.

Art. 5.
Cancellation of the reservation. If the customer is unable to make the booking is requested to communicate the immediacy of the impossibility or the same day. If a cancellation was caused by unavailability Ns, Ns will immediately notify the customer care and, if possible, report alternative accommodation. Will not in any way assumed liability for cancellations due to force majeure.

Art. 6.
Arrival and Departure. On the day of arrival, the entrance into the chamber is allowed from 12.00 am to 20.00 pm On the day of departure the room must be vacated by persons and things not later than 10.00 am

Art. 7.
Cleanliness and maintenance of the structure. During your stay, the room must be vacated by 10.00 am to allow cleaning to be done every day. In case of delay or at the express request the above will not work. The folks at the hotel reserve the right to access to the rooms to make necessary and urgent maintenance.

Art. 8.
Linen change. Linen changes will be made twice a week.

Art. 9.
Breakfast. The breakfast service will be made if agreed at the time of booking.

Art. 10.
Responsibility of the customer. If the client or his guests, causing damage to the structure or its contents, the customer will be held responsible for these. The related costs will be charged upon departure. In no case is allowed the client to allow the accommodation to a third party.

Art. 11.
Responsibility of B & amp; Breakfast. We accept no responsibility for damage caused to the tenant by events in any way related to the use of the apartment, including physical damage, and material losses caused by fire, robbery or other criminal activity.

Art. 12.
Jurisdiction. In case of disputes regarding reservations and rentals is only applicable Italian law and jurisdiction, the Court of Lecce. The subscription of the reservation implies knowledge of the General Conditions of Rental. If some conditions of this contract be or become invalid or if in this contract there should be a gap, the validity of the remaining conditions can not be invalidated.



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