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Venus is a major Roman goddess principally associated with love, beauty and fertility, the equivalent of the Greek goddess Aphrodite. There are many hypotheses about the birth of the goddess.
Some claim that it was the daughter of Uranus, God of heaven, and that it was born from a shell out of the sea.



Diana is a goddess Italic, Latin and Roman lady of the forest, the protector of wild animals, the guardian of the sources and streams, protector of women, which assured parts painless, and bestower of sovereignty.
In Greek mythology this resembled the Roman goddess Artemis (goddess of the hunt, the virginity of archery, the woods and the Moon).



Minerva was the Roman god of wisdom and patron of craftsmen.
From a mythological point of view, the figure of Minerva is derived from that of Athena, its counterpart in Greek mythology.
As for Athena Minerva also for the sacred animal is the owl, sometimes the owl.

All the Folks from Salento.

  • Recipe

    The typical taste that only a earth as the Salento can give to the palate.

  • Musics

    The rapid pace of the tambourine and not only that, the Salento creative and poetic.

  • Traditions & Folks

    From past eras ritonano syled environment and the present.

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