La Grande Bellezza... Apulia, Salento And the Marine of Salve

City of Salve


The name of the city 'expresses a greeting, and at the same time a tempting invitation to visit the beauty of the place, to learn about the fascinating history of its civilization' and the intoxicating vitality 'locality' bathing.
The first human settlements in the territory of Salve date back to about 60,000 years ago. As reflected in the findings of...


Marines of Salve


- Pescoluse -

Marina di Pescoluse or Pesculuse is one of the most beautiful seaside resorts, pristine and sought Salento thanks ...


- Torre Pali -

Torre Pali is a charming tourist resort of the Municipality of Salve, Salento, overlooking the sea, a sea and beautiful scenery ...



All the Folks from Salento.

  • Recipe

    The typical taste that only a earth as the Salento can give to the palate.

  • Musics

    The rapid pace of the tambourine and not only that, the Salento creative and poetic.

  • Traditions & Folks

    From past eras ritonano syled environment and the present.

Weather Maldives of Salento

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