The Adelaide's and her History.

Traditions & Experience

The Adelaide , Buy, named after a woman with a strong personality and bizarre, that has always been inhabited this house.                         
We like to remember it because he had the traits of a good character and picturesque in tune with the time that he lived.
Recently restored, the old house built in 1800, has sometimes chambers and barrel edge in line with the style manor Salento of past centuries.                         

Located in the heart of the historical center of the city of Hello , just three miles from the beautiful Pescoluse (Salento Maldives) with its crystal clear sea and golden sand, is very close to famous places of Capo di Leuca and famous tourist centers of low Salento such as Gallipoli , Otranto and Lecce .
The house maintains the charm of the house of old, the rooms are tastefully decorated in the traditional family without neglecting the particular attention paid to comfort.             

The Adelaide is part of the circuit "Widespread Hospitality" Family Pepe who over the years has won the trust of its guests. Courtesy, simplicity, availability and discretion are particularity recognized and appreciated in reviews from guests who have stayed in Anticadimora dei Pepe B&B.

All the Folks from Salento.

  • Recipe

    The typical taste that only a earth as the Salento can give to the palate.

  • Musics

    The rapid pace of the tambourine and not only that, the Salento creative and poetic.

  • Traditions & Folks

    From past eras ritonano syled environment and the present.

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