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Fiera S.Nicola Magno a Salve







Fiera di S. Nicola Magno

A Hail St. Nicholas is highly revered and is celebrated three times a year: the fourth Sunday of May, December 6 and 3 days between July and August.
This is undoubtedly the most important holiday during which, in addition to the procession and to musical performances and fireworks, it also plays the traditional fair where you can find cattle, sweets, textiles, pottery, agricultural tools and other items .














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All the Folks from Salento.

  • Recipe

    The typical taste that only a earth as the Salento can give to the palate.

  • Musics

    The rapid pace of the tambourine and not only that, the Salento creative and poetic.

  • Traditions & Folks

    From past eras ritonano syled environment and the present.

Weather Maldives of Salento

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